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6 ways to enhance your Jaipur experience

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Hawa Mahal

6 ways to enhance your Jaipur experience

Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan and a renowned heritage destination. The Amer Fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar are some of the renowned monuments popularly visited by travellers. However, Jaipur offers more than just heritage monuments. Let me put some ways to enhance your Jaipur experience.

1. Heritage Walks

Walks offer a deeper insight into a destination than hopping monuments would give. There are organised walks in Jaipur that can take a Jaipur experience to another level such as the following:

  • Amer Heritage Trail – Explore lesser visited Amer village for its old temples, havelis and walk through what otherwise seems like a sleepy village.
  • Old City Walk – Explore the old city and its monuments. Along with that you visit a sweet shop, a temple, engage with locals over a cup of tea and capture the sights and sounds of the old city.
  • Craft and Cuisine Walk – Here you explore the renowned street food of Jaipur and the craft heritage of Jaipur. Enjoy street food items such as Samosa, Kachori, Kulfi, Lassi, etc. and also visit popular sweet shops. You observe local artisans like Silversmiths, Bangle makers and meet a local family and experience Indian hospitality.
  • Art and Antiquities – This walk is an encounter with the trading communities of the old city. The walk reveals the lifestyle, craft activities and historic buildings of Jaipur.

Amer Heritage Trail

2. Jaipur on a Segway

Jaipur on a Segway offers the unique option to explore Jaipur on a segway such as:

  • Dawn Heritage Tour – Discover the essence of Jaipur in less than 2 hours
  • Nahargarh Adventure – Take a Segway up the Nahargarh Fort for stunning views and a unique experience
  • Jaipur by night – Discover Jaipur in a completely different light through markets, iconic monuments and street food areas
  • Safari to Sambar Salt Lake – Segway ride at a Salt Lake at 60 kms from Jaipur where one finds thousands of flamingos and migratory birds

3. Hot Air Ballooning

Get a stunning top view of the Pink City of Jaipur, historic forts and Aravali ranges with hot air ballooning in Jaipur. There are morning rides that start just before sunrise and evening rides that offer stunning sunset views.

4. Tuk Tuk Safari

Tuk Tuk Safari takes you through the narrow lanes of the old city and other areas of Jaipur via a three-wheeler Auto Rickshaw (or Tuk Tuk). The ride offers a unique perspective and is a great option for those interested in street photography and looking to capture the sights and sounds of the city.

5. Jhalana Leopard Safaris

Jhalana area in the outskirts of Jaipur is renowned for its leopards. Apart from the leopard, Jhalana has other attractions such as the Striped Hyena, Desert Fox, Golden Jackal, Chital, Indian Palm Civets etc. along with a wide range of birds such as Indian Pitta, Dusky Eagle Owl, etc. A 3-hour morning safari / afternoon safari is popular with travellers looking to add an elements of wildlife in an itinerary loaded with heritage monuments.

Photo Courtesy: Sumit Juneja

6. Elephant Experience

Jaipur has elephant sanctuaries where more than two dozen elephants are maintained. These elephants are used for a touristy Amer Fort ride (in the morning hours). However, what is more exciting and experiential is the full day elephant experience where one can interact with elephants, decorate elephants, feed elephants, cook elephant meals, bathe elephants, ride an elephant and have a day full of fun with elephants.

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