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Kedar Tal, Gangotri, India

Tours to India beyond incredible – Holxo India

Confounded with the image? Yes, that is an India you could never ever imagine! Kedar Tal, Gangotri.

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Tours to India 

Launching in a new and exciting avatar, we strengthen and enhance our 15 years of experience in tours to India through We offer boutique experiences with a range of benefits that are dedicated to ensuring the best moments in all stages of your India holiday, from planning and booking to arriving and touring.


We support quick email / WhatsApp / Skype-based conversations and 24×7 on-travel access with our travel planners to make your entire travel as smooth as possible.

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Who we are

We launched in 2000 as an online boutique travel company and over the last 15 years, we have spent time journeying across India's incredibly diverse landscapes, so we can conceive and create truly remarkable travel experiences in the form of tours to India over multiple destinations for you. Especially curated, each experience is a toast to the land and its people - giving you the chance to discover outstanding natural beauty, an assortment of unique cultures, cuisines, communities, art, and craft...and extraordinary warmth and hospitality no matter where the road takes you. At, a brand of Nivalink Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd., we focus solely on travellers who plan to visit India. Let us share our exceptional wealth of expertise to create a truly immersive journey that is a blend of unforgettable destinations, sights, sounds, and flavors.

India beckons!

We Explore

We pride ourselves on being homegrown and physically based in India, since our company’s inception. We have made 300+ trips across the country till date – offering you the widest possible variety of hotels, destinations, experiences, activities, and travel attractions to choose from.

We Recommend

Having serviced over 20,000 international travellers from 50+ countries across the globe and having travelled extensively ourselves, we have expert insights and recommendations to give you a genuine idea of what you can expect from your trip. This, combined with our system of profile-based recommendations when it comes to offering and planning a trip, helps ensure a superior travel experience. Our sector experts guarantee a turnaround time of 24 hours at good competitive pricing, supported by our strong partner network.

We Protect

You are insured for travel within India booked through the service. Additionally, we take full responsibility for all recommendations and services offered by us. We have affiliations with travel and tourism industry bodies such as the Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO), Ministry of Tourism (MOT), Government of India etc. to ensure the finest services to the international traveller visiting India.

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