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Hampi India

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Hampi India

Hampi India among Top 2 in The New York Times list of 52 Places to Go in 2019

Hampi India, Karnataka’s cultural hub for a long time, has finally caught the eye of the world and proudly debuts in the widely respected and followed The New York Times’ list of Places to go in 2019- and at a brilliant spot No. 2.

The magnificent ruins of the 14th century Vijaynagar kingdom, Hampi India have captivated travelers for centuries. Miles of rocky terrain, enveloped by gigantic granite boulders shelters a rich Dravidian architectural legacy that includes over 1,000 well-preserved stone monuments, including Hindu temples, lavish palaces, ancient bazaars, and royal pavilions.

Located near the banks of the Tungabhadra river in the Indian state of Karnataka, the Indian Government also selected ruins of Hampi as one of the 10 tourist destinations from across the country to develop as an ‘Iconic Tourism Site.’

UNESCO, while inscribing Group of Monuments at Hampi as a world heritage site describes, “The remarkable integration between the planned and defended city of Hampi with its exemplary temple architecture and its spectacular natural setting represent a unique artistic creation.

The city bears exceptional testimony to the vanished civilization of the kingdom of Vijayanagara, which reached its apogee under the reign of Krishna Deva Raya (1509-1530).

This capital offers an outstanding example of a type of structure which illustrates a significant historical situation: that of the destruction of the Vijayanagara kingdom at the Battle of Talikota (1565 CE) which left behind an ensemble of living temples, magnificent archaeological remains in the form of elaborate sacred, royal, civil and military structures as well as traces of its rich lifestyle, all integrated within its natural setting.”

Top sights in Hampi India

While the Hampi Bazaar remains the hub of travelers to the village, there are majestic temples and awe-inspiring ruins spread across an area of more than 16 miles. Here’s a small list for reference:

  1. Virupaksha Temple Hampi, Hampi Bazaar- the only working temple in Hampi
  2. Vittala Temple, near Hampi Bazaar
  3. Sule Bazaar, near Hampi Bazaar
  4. Achyutaraya Temple, Matanga Hill
  5. Queen’s Bath, Royal Center
  6. Lotus Mahal, Royal Center
  7. Lakshimi Narasmih, a 6.7 meters monolithic statue, near  Virupaksha Hampi Temple
  8. Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, around 21 km from Hampi

You can book your tour to Hampi India, accompanied with another UNESCO World Heritage site, Badami and the salubrious Goa- the perfect way to end a heritage heavy tour by relaxing on the inviting beaches of the pristine location.

Link to the NYT List of 52 places to visit in 2019.

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