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India tour packages

India Tour Packages

A whole lot of holiday packages in India for an unforgettable travel to India

India is not a country; it’s another world in our universe! The land of incredible diversity intrigues you with its opulent heritage of 5000 years, and as much befuddles you with its architectural wonders that dot the country’s resplendent landscapes.

Our India Tour Packages offer a kaleidoscopic view of the marvelous country.

As an authentic traveler, you can love India or venerate it; you simply cannot ignore India.

You could be anyone- an artsy cultural devotee, a fun-loving cool gang of revelers, a family looking to escape the winters for a few days, a spiritual striver or even an instagrammer out to discover the world for your followers- India tour packages has something for everyone.

The bright sun-caressed beaches of Goa, Puri, Kerala and many others by the vast coastline of the country seduce you with a promise of good times with miles of sands and a bounty of sunshine around the exotic small towns.

The Himalayan hill stations welcome you with breathtaking sights of icy peaks and a clean environment of pine-scented mountain airs that act as a healthier option to meditative breaks. You can also boost your adrenaline levels by joining local adventure and trekking choices like biking, mountain-cycling, paragliding etc from one of our India tour packages.

The tiger is the prime reason wildlife lovers throng the numerous national parks of India for Indian holidays. And how can we mention India and forger spirituality and religion? Temples, Monasteries, Mosques, Gurudwaras and Churches rise majestically and thrive harmoniously among the often cacophonous towns and cities of India. So if you are on a journey of exploring your inner self, travel to India is your best available prescription.

India Travel Advice: Expect the unexpected. It sometimes is a challenge for first time visitors to India, what with a sea of humanity that you cannot just imagine if you’re coming from a developed world like Europe or USA. The poverty can be jarring but at the same time, the high rises, the sparkling shopping malls and the well-preserved monuments will comfort your soul that you’re in for an adventure of the lifetime. Embrace India with all its unpredictability and it will reveal its soul the way it shows to a rare few travelers to India.

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