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Indian e-Visa at Flexible Cost- Plan your Holidays to India today

In a big push to attract tourists, the Indian Govt. has proposed to introduce an one-month e-visa at flexible charge.

The government will introduce one-month Indian e-visa with flexible charges, with fee for summer months – non-peak months for inbound tourism – kept less than the rest of the year.

The current visa charges of $80-100 for one-year e-visa for tourists from most countries shall be reduced for tourists who will now be charged only $10 for a 30-day e-visa for travel between April and June, and $25 for any other months.

Additionally, the validity of regular annual e-visa, which currently costs $80, is set to be increased to 5-years with multiple entries. The regular one-year visa for tourists to India may now cost $40.

In a move that will please tourists from the 8 countries of Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mozambique, Russia, Ukraine, the UK and the US, short duration (30-day) non-peak period visa fee shall cost $10, and for peak season 30-day visa, one year and 5-year visa, the proposed cost shall be $25 only.

The move is welcomed by everyone in the industry. “Countries like Sri Lanka and Thailand have been successful in attracting Indian tourists because of free visas. The government’s decision now signals that India too welcomes tourists,” said Rajeev Kohli, former vice-president of Indian Association of Tour Operators.

According to the Government website, the Indian e-visa has a duration of one year from the date of the grant. It allows multiple entries and conditions stipulate that the continuous stay during each visit shall not exceed 90 days for countries except the US, UK, Canada and Japan. For these countries, the period is extended to 180 days.

You can get more details from the Government of India’s E-Visa portal:

Or call us at +91 9811 077 573 for completing the formalities for you along with your travel package to India.

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Mahabalipuram, India Photo by Than Malar Selvan on Unsplash

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