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Holxo Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


  • All sections within domain are developed and maintained by Nivalink Tours and Travels Pvt. Ltd.
  • All information contained herein is verified by our experts. Information displayed is solely for the purpose of assisting valuable customers to make a well-informed decision.
  • Holxo is a non-partisan entity. Holxo recommendations are solely based on our assessment of its suitability to customer requirements and are never driven by a commercial bias.
Note: Any objections to anything contained on the website should be addressed to which would be dealt with promptly.
General Policies
• E-mail Policy

We aim to answers all inquiries/other mails in maximum 24 hours on the same day. Our replies are short and crisp, attachments only if necessary.

• Contact Management Policy/ Privacy Policy

All contact details provided by our valuable customers is used with reference to the respective reservation only. Newsletters may be sent regularly with an easy option to unsubscribe. Website does not use Cookies or any technology where information is taken from viewers in background without permission or prior knowledge. All contact details submitted with inquiries are used for internal purpose only and will not be shared/ sold to any third-party provider under any circumstances. Holxo registered login is where users have option to input data that allows Holxo to understand preferences/ profile better. Such data is for internal use only and to be used in internal algorithms only. The data would never be passed to any third-party service provider.

Credit Card Policies

Holxo employs multiple fully secured payment gateways. Holxo or any process associated with Holxo website does not store any credit sensitive data such as credit card number for future use. Upon confirmation of bookings, Card details will be asked to be filled on secure (Https://) pages that employ highest available data encryption and data input will be used at that instant for processing an online payment. Every time a customer wishes to make payment, one will be required to put card details again and there is no option to store credit card data.


Goods and Service Tax (GST) is charged on our services as per the applicable rates.

Photographs & Copyright

Complete picture gallery displayed on Holxo is either self-clicked/contributed by the hotel/ tourism boards or subscribed from the picture banks. Copyright Laws apply for photos taken by Holxo Team. Companies/ entities found to be using Holxo Photographs without prior permission or express authorization will be liable for litigation as per the applicable laws.

Tour Confirmation

We update package tariffs on the website regularly and therefore prices offered on the website are firm. However we reserve right to offer equivalent alternatives, if we are unable to confirm rooms for specific dates at specific hotels for any reason beyond our control.

Cancellation Policy

For any reason the cancellation is done by Holxo’s service provider then an immediate alternative is offered or amount for the service refunded immediately.


For any cancellation done by the customer, Holxo will charge cancellation as per the terms and conditions mentioned on the quotations accepted by the customer All refunds will be made in the same mode as received from the customer.

Refunds for Deficiency of Service

Holxo is a travel planning platform designed to give travel options as per best available information. However, in case any deficiency in service once established, Holxo would stand responsible for making appropriate refunds. All reservations for hotels and travel services (except flight and trains) listed on Holxo are covered under this policy.


Customers are expected to provide proof of the deficiency of services which will take with the service providers and arrange for alternatives, upgrades or adequate compensation.

Foreign Currency Transactions / Overseas Payments

Except for credit card (Payment Gateway or Swipe), every other means of transfer (Paypal, Western Union, Bank Transfer etc.), the customer will be required to bear the transaction cost of making the transfer if any.


Payment shall be recognized only when it arrives either with Payment Gateway or with the Bank and no payments in transit or ones made and not received at the Holxo end shall be considered the responsibility of Holxo. Due diligence needs to be made by a customer while transferring payments in making sure that correct details and methods are used as recommended by the Holxo personnel.

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