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Solo Travel vs Group Travel

Solo Travel vs Group Travel: Which One is Right for You?

Solo Travel has an undeniable kind of romanticism and magnetism that attracts young travellers in hordes. The overpowering charm of discovering a stranger place often overrides the concerns of safety, comfort and bonhomie of travelling in a group. Let’s get the drift about the advantages and disadvantages of Solo Travel vs Group Travel.

While I have travelled solo more than probably 95% of travellers and bloggers, I’m as much a believer in group travels for a wide breadth of reasons- with safe travels occupying top of the list.

Solo Travel vs Group Travel

To tell you the truth, I never even evaluated Solo Travel vs Group Travel as an option for my desire to travel and discover the world. A fervent advocate of individualism, the thought never even crossed my mind.

Solo Travel vs Group Travel- An Analysis

But travelling extensively comes with its own set of exciting perks and bewildering frustrations. How about your phone being snatched at gun point in a prominent tourist city? Or getting ill but having no one to comfort you? Finally, how about the experience when locals blames you for every such incident, with a condescending “Reckless Tourist.”

While the internet is filled with stories, research, and social media posts that pay glowing tributes to must-visit-once-in-a-lifetime tourist heavens, nobody prepares you for unanticipated episodes when you decide to travel solo. Like Gustav Flaubert said, Travel makes one modest; you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. And this fact is applicable to both positive and negative happenings.

Sole travel can suck as much as it exhilarates. The starry-eyed glamour of lively Instagram posts hides many a distressing moments of frustrations and overwhelming situations that are compounded by the fact that you’re alone, in an alien land, among unknown people- way above your comfort level. Possibly one of the major reasons that forced me to reflect upon Solo Travel vs Group Travel.

Does all this mean I have completely chucked solo travel? Not really. A bad experience makes for a good story and I have had more than my fair share. Yet, I continue with my solo travels but am now more at peace when I’m a part of a larger travel group with a reliable travel agency. It gives me the peace of mind I so rightfully deserve, while giving me the freedom to chalk my day out according to my preferences.

That’s the best part of group travel packages for me: I can trust my travel provider with showing me around or I can choose to explore the place on my own, with the calming confidence that I’ve someone I can trust and call immediately if something goes wrong. I can choose to intermingle with the group and make new friends on one day and decide to just leave everything behind like a monk and explore the place on my own.

Since I initiated travelling in a group- reluctantly I may add- I’ve discovered new personality traits in me that I never imagined existed. When I hear people say, I’m a good person to know, it’s like an embarrassment to me!

group travel vs solo travel

I thought being confident meant being ready to confront any consequence; but group travel has revealed the benefits of being prepared to face awkward situations calmly, realistically, and more assertively. I accept that there is strength in numbers :).

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” -Tim Cahill

Group Travel also becomes important if the place you were so excited to visit turns out to be a damp squib. What you see in glossy photographs can turn out to be the only good thing in that city. It has happened with me too but mercifully, I was in a group of jovial individuals who helped me in making the experience more enjoyable.

Another noteworthy advantage to consider is that group travel costs less than solo travel. As long as you’re not a backpacker for whom the adventure begins with a stay at a youth hostel, continues with dining at street carts, and finishes with hitching a ride to reach the most-visited attractions of a place.

Not that I haven’t done it- in fact it has its own delightful charm but if you’re a traveller who wants to stay at a comfort level you’re inured to in your daily life, a group travel package can save you significantly as compared to solo travel or self-supporting travel with family and kids.

Like I said before, there is strength in numbers.

The sheer number of travellers grants a group the right to negotiate prices with hotels, transport, tourist attractions, restaurants, and even at shopping arcades. Those savings can as well pay up for an extra day of stay; or maybe a dinner at the finest brasserie in the city. A few extra bucks never hurt, do they?

You must’ve also noticed that travel memories sometimes become a mélange of feelings when you can’t really figure out if you enjoyed the place because you loved the place or you loved the experience because you delighted in the company of fellow travellers.

But group travel too comes with its own peculiarities if your travel provider is not up to the mark or one of your fellow travellers is a lazy bum who is always late for departure! Point is, choose your travel provider carefully and ASK before committing those best days of your life with them.

Dedicated Travel to India companies like Holxo Holidays can also arrange a solo trip to India for you where you can explore the country at your pace yet stay confident in the knowledge that a local phone number or email ID is always ready to help you in the event of any unfortunate incident.

Whether you decide to travel alone or book a group travel package, let me assure you that there will be both highs and lows. Being flexible and being open to finding the middle ground with small nuisances is the big key in enjoying your travels.

Finally, travel you must. Don’t escape the wanderlust. Whether solo or with a group, persist with your personal growth. Like the great American writer, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (better known as Mark Twain) said, “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

Keep travelling; keep discovering yourself.

If we at Holxo Holidays can be of any help in realizing your travel dreams, just drop a mail at We sure will have someone in our team who has faced the dilemma you find yourself in.


The title photo is by Siddharth Singh on Unsplash

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