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Holxo Tours in Chitwan

Head to this incredible country that offers culture, heritage, and gigantic mountains
7 Nights 8 Days

Chitwan or ‘heart of the jungle’ is one of the best wildlife-viewing national parks in Asia. Located in the Terai lowlands of Nepal, Chitwan is the last surviving example of the natural ecosystems of the Terai region and is especially noted for its success in the conservation of the rare and endangered one-horned rhinoceros.The spectacular terrain, covered with lush forested hills and changing river landscapes set against the backdrop of the Himalayas, gives Chitwan its exceptional natural beauty.The rich wildlife of Chitwan includes swamp deer, chital, sambar, barking deer, wild boar, nilgai, monkey, elephant, tiger, leopard, crocodile, and over 300 species of birds.Explore the rich habitat with a thrilling open Jeep safari deep into thick Sal forests. The safari will take you to the Gharial (crocodile species) Breeding Centre and the Elephant Breeding Centre.

For a laidback wilderness experience, take a slow canoe ride or a boat safari on the gentle River Rapti, spot crocodiles and other aquatic creatures, and get splendid views of the jungle alongside the river.Feeding and bathing elephants in the Rapti River is another delightful experience. Evenings are about beautiful sunsets as you watch the Mahouts (Elephant trainers/riders) bathe their elephants after a long day’s work. These activities are supervised by the jungle guides.An exciting jungle walk amidst tall elephant grass is great for viewing wild animals at close quarters. Bird-watching, always best on foot, will yield both local and migratory bird sightings. You will be accompanied by a naturalist for both walks.

Chitwan’s uniqueness lies in its proximity to the Tharu villages. A visit to a Tharu village is an excellent introduction to the culture, crafts, and ways of the indigenous Tharu people.Chitwan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




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