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Holxo Tours in Mumbai

Mesmerizing Taj Mahal, Historic Delhi, and Heritage of Jaipur – essentially Indian tour
11 Days 10 Nights

History in Stone and Beaches

$1265 / per person
Explore historical gems of Karnataka with Goa & Mumbai
10 Days 9 Nights
Visit the five significant temples of Lord Shiva - Jyotirlinga Temples
7 Days 6 Nights
Travel through India’s Deccan plateau on the luxury train - the Deccan Odyssey
8 Days 7 Nights

In 1662, the seven Portuguese-owned islands of Bombay were given as dowry to King Charles II of England when he married Portuguese Princess Catherine of Braganza. In 1668, the islands were acquired by the English East India Company. By the 1840s, the seven islands were joined together by causeways, to eventually become one of India’s most important ports and trading centres. Pulsating with energy, Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai is an incredible city – as much for its comfortable cosmopolitanism and wonderful multi-cultural society as for its amazing contradictions.

Mumbai is India’s commercial, financial, and institutional hub, also its fashion capital. It is home to the world’s most prolific film industry, stylish sea-front homes, Asia’s largest slums, and the largest tropical forest in an urban zone. Then there are phenomenal Victorian neo-Gothic buildings; beautiful culture-and-heritage zones; fascinating old markets and bazaars; busy docks; turn-of-the-century railway stations, museums, theatres, and libraries; cathedrals, mosques, and temples; terrific luxury hotels and superb restaurants.

Cricket is Mumbai’s beloved sport and enjoys cult-status – maidan (large ground) cricket, played on every available empty space, is supremely popular. Residents and commuters are constantly on the move in this vibrant city of nose-to-nose traffic, fast BEST buses, and indispensable local trains.During Mumbai’s spectacular 10-day festival Ganesh Chaturthi, the city’s streets turn into worship halls with hundreds of massive idols of the beloved elephant-headed god – to be finally immersed in the sea on the last day of the festival.

Mumbai has two UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus and Elephanta Caves. Mumbai remains after Delhi, the most popular arrival point for International travellers into India and is a popular destination for a transit stay enroute.


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