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Holxo Tours in Orchha

Heritage destinations in Central India along with the cities of Delhi and Agra
9 Days 8 Nights
Discover the majestic Tiger at these wildlife destinations of Central India
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Orchha combines the architectural splendour of a medieval town with the rustic serenity of a village. Lying on the banks of the River Betwa, Orchha was founded in the 16th century CE by the Bundela dynasty of Central India, and was their capital city. Time seems to stand still in the charming, laidback town, its fabulous structures still suffused with an air of romantic nostalgia.

The first palace to be built in Orchha’s stunning fort complex was the Raja Mahal, the official residence of the kings. The ceiling at the Diwan-i-Khas displays Persian carpet style motifs. The Rani-ka-Mahal (Queen’s Palace) has bedrooms decorated with murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana. Dauji-ki-Haveli is a nobleman’s house but looks like a miniature version of the royal palace. The most striking structure here is the Jehangir Mahal, built to commemorate Mughal Emperor Jehangir’s visit and stay. The painted palace of Rai Praveen Mahal is dedicated to the lovely courtesan and musician-poetess, Rai Parveen, wo was in love with Raja Indramani.

The centrepiece of Orchha’s temples is the large and impressive Chatturbhuj Temple. The Laxmi Narayan Temple is lavishly decorated with beautifully coloured murals in the Orchha style of painting. The Ram Raja Temple is the only shrine in India where Lord Rama is worshipped not as a god, but as a king. The Bundela kings maintained an Oont Khana (camel stable), a beautiful pavilion with elongated, arched doorways with lovely views of the citadel and the River Betwa. The 14 Royal Cenotaphs, lying on the riverbank, are the royal chhatris, memorials to the kings. Orchha is a renowned getaway for its easy connectivity with Delhi. Getaway seekers here do river rafting, explore the Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy charming riverside stays.


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