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Holxo Tours in Tiruchirapalli

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Located in central Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirapalli (earlier Trichy) is renowned for its two striking temples – the Malaikottai Fort-Temple and the Ranganathaswamy Temple Complex. Tiruchirapalli is also a major educational and industrial hub.

The Malaikottai Temple, dominates the city’s landscape. Begun in 600 CE by the Chola kings and later largely built by the Nayak kings in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Siva temple stands atop a 274 feet-high rock that is visible for miles around. The 417-step climb to the top rewards you with superb panoramic views. Around 7 km north of Tiruchirapalli lies the 600-acre island of Srirangam. It houses the Ranganathaswamy Temple Complex – the largest in India – itself a 156-acre sprawl that has a beautiful idol of the deity Ranganatha, a colossal rajagopuram (grand entrance tower of a temple), and gorgeous mandapams (pillared pavilions) and sculptures.

The other attractions here are the house of Robert Clive (now turned into a hostel), the neo-Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes built in 1840, St John’s Church with ornate French-style interiors, and the Trichy Museum which is a treasure trove of ancient sculptures, coins, fossils, and vessels.


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